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Care Au-Pair

Care Au-Pair - Affordable health insurance for au pairs and demi pairs

If you go abroad as an Au-Pair or Demi-Pair, you need a good insurance in case of illness. The au-pair insurance Care Au-Pair offers very good security for au-pairs for little money (already from 21 EUR per month).

Where does the insurance apply?Where does the insurance apply?

The insurance is valid worldwide except in the NAFTAThe insurance is valid worldwide except in the NAFTA states. Au-pairs and demi-pairs can insure themselves. Short-term stays in the home country and in third countries up to 6 weeks per insurance year are even included in the insurance.

German or Austrian au-pairs can insure themselves worldwide except in USA, Canada and Mexico. Foreign au-pairs can insure themselves in Germany.

How long can you be insured as an au-pair or demi-pair in the foreign health insurance?How long can you be insured as an au-pair or demi-pair in the foreign health insurance?

For au-pair stays of one month up to two years you can insure yourself in the Care Au-pair from 21 EUR per month. However, you may not be older than 35 years when taking out the insurance.

Au pair insurance benefitsAu pair insurance benefits

  • outpatient medical treatment by a doctor
  • inpatient treatment in hospital in the general nursing class - shared rooms - without optional services
  • Pregnancy examinations and treatment
  • medically prescribed patient transport
  • medically sensible return transport to the home country
  • medically necessary rehabilitation measures (follow-up treatment)
  • medically prescribed medications and bandages
  • medically prescribed massages, medical packs and inhalations
  • medically prescribed aids following an accident
  • Insurance cover for stay in third country (host family holidays)up to 6 weeks/insurance year
  • Insurance cover for a stay in the home country (duration >= 1 year) up to 6 weeks/insurance year

You can choose between four levels (Si, S, M, XL), which differ in price and performance. All points above are included in all four levels.
If you choose a higher benefit level, e.g. level M for 35 EUR/month, you will receive an additional 20 EUR per day lost benefit for inpatient hospital treatment.
The deductible per insured event is also interesting for you: For level Si (21 EUR/month) you have to pay 50 EUR, for level S 35 EUR; in both levels M and XL you do not pay any deductible.

As an au-pair to the USA, Canada or MexicoAs an au-pair to the USA, Canada or Mexico

VersicherungspflichtThere is a special tariff in case you go to the USA, Canada or Mexico as an au-pair: The insurance Care Global can be taken out for stays up to one year in USA, Canada and Mexico.

International health insurance Care Au-PairInternational health insurance Care Au-Pair

The international health insurance Care Au-Pair you can easily and quickly online policy and get your insurance coverage quickly from 21 € per month.

Work & Holiday

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Students in Germany

If you already know exactly where your future career should take you, you can jump straight into your studies in Germany.

Language course in Gemany

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