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Care Austria

Care Austria - Health Insurance for Austria

Erwerbstätigkeit und VersicherungspflichtIf you come to Austria as a foreigner for educational purposes , you should first think about health insurance. We would like to introduce you to our Care Austria product, which reliably protects you from high treatment costs during educational stays in Austria.

As a foreigner in AustriaAs a foreigner in Austria

If you come to Austria as a language student, Studienkolleg, intern, doctorates, für for work & travel or working holiday you need health insurance.

If you are not from the EU, it is even mandatory for obtaining a visa. Care Austria is the right protection - and that from 56 euros a month.

What does the insurance cover?What does the insurance cover?

You are insured abroad with the following means, among others:

  • outpatient treatment by legally recognised and licensed physicians;
  • inpatient treatment in privat and public hospitals (shared room; standard care class)
  • patient transport to the hospital for inpatient treatment
  • coverage of costs for medically prescribed medications and bandages
  • medical aids up to a maximum of EUR 2,500.00
  • medically necessary dental treatment (simple execution), at 100%.
  • Insurance coverage for vacation stays in the home country
    • up to 14 days (duration up to 4 months incl. all extensions)
    • up to 28 days (duration from 4 months to 364 days incl. all extensions)

Who can take out insurance?Who can take out insurance?

Who can take out insurance?If you are between 12 and 35 years old and living abroad for educational purposes, you can take out insurance at Care Austria.

What does the insurance cost?What does the insurance cost?

The discount group benefits students, language school participants, visiting academics, Working Holiday and Work 'n' Travel participants, au pairs, interns and trainees. The premium EUR 56 is guaranteed for six years, provided that the conditions for obtaining the discount continue to exist.

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Tuition costs in Austria

In Austria, students at public universities do not pay any tuition fees but rather a semester contribution.

Preparatory studies in Austria

To be able to study at an Austrian institution of higher education, you need to possess a general higher education entrance qualification or a comparable qualification.

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