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Care Protector: Unfallversicherung und Haftpflichtversicherung

Care Protector - affordable personal liability insurance and accident insurance

Absicherung für den Krankheitsfall If you are an au pair, a student or a language student abroad, it makes sense to take out personal liability and accident insurance.

The personal liability insurance offers security in the event that an accident happens to you and you harm someone.

The accident insurance is only included in type M and XL and offers very good safety for little money in the event of accidents on the journey that lead to death or permanent disability, in addition to salvage costs or the cost of an accident cosmetic operation.

The Care Protector includes the following benefits

Personal liability insurance Typ S Typ M Typ XL
Cover sums for personal injury and damage to property lump sum Typ S: 1 Mio. EUR Typ M: 2 Mio. EUR Typ XL: 2.5 Mio. EUR
Deportation costs as security for declarations of obligation by the policyholder to German authorities Typ S: 1.000,– EUR Typ M: 2.000,– EUR Typ XL: 3.000,– EUR
Co-insurance of rental property damage to immovable objects, deductible 10 %, at least 250 EUR per damage event Typ S: 10.000,– EUR Typ M: 25.000,– EUR Typ XL: 50.000,– EUR
Key loss risk for private apartments (or rooms or apartments), deductible 100,- EUR per loss event Typ S: - Typ M: - Typ XL: 1.000,– EUR
General deductible per claim Typ S: 250,– EUR Typ M: 0,– EUR Typ XL: 0,– EUR
Accident insurance Typ S Typ M Typ XL
Disability basic sum Typ S: - Typ M: 30.000,– EUR Typ XL: 40.000,– EUR
Maximum disability sum for progression scale 350 % Typ S: - Typ M: 105.000,– EUR Typ XL: 140.000,– EUR
death benefit in case of accidental death Typ S: - Typ M: 15.000,– EUR Typ XL: 25.000,– EUR
Recovery costs after an accident Typ S: - Typ M: 7.500,– EUR Typ XL: 10.000,– EUR
Accident-related cosmetic operations Typ S: - Typ M: 2.500,– EUR Typ XL: 5.000,– EUR
Monthly premium* Typ S: 2,– EUR Typ M: 4,– EUR Typ XL: 7,50 EUR
Minimum premium Typ S: 10,– EUR Typ M: 12,– EUR Typ XL: 15,– EUR

How long can I take out personal liability insuranceHow long can I take out Care Protector insurance?

The minimum duration is 1 month, the maximum duration 60 months.

Employment and compulsory insuranceprivate liability insurance and accident insurance Care Protector take out

You can take out Care Protector accident insurance/personal liability insurance quickly and easily online and get your insurance cover quickly from 2 € per month.


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