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Care Student - Private Health Insurance for Foreign Students

If you come to Germany as a foreign student, you will need health insurance to enroll at the university. You can choose between public and private health insurance.

Which health insurance is the right one?More affordable premiums

statutory or private health insuranceThe private student insurance Care Student is more affordable than most statutory health insurance in Germany. With Care Student you not only save more than 20 euro per month, but you also enjoy the privilege of being a private patient at the doctor’s.
For example, you may get a doctor's appointment more quickly or not have to wait so long while at the appointment.
As a student over 30, you save even more because you can no longer insure yourself with public health insurance companies at the lower student rate. You save up to 90 euros per month.


Care Student private health insurance for foreign students covers costs for medication as well as treatment costs at the doctor's and in the hospital. Please note that the plan includes a deductible of 300 euro per calendar year. There may also be waiting periods. Below you’ll find some of the Care Student benefits at a glance:

Care Student Benefits at a Glance
Premium, up to 30 years old € 89.48 / month Care Student (private)€ 89.48 / month
Premium, 30 years + Care Student (private)€ 115.54 / month
Treatment at doctor Care Student (private)Free choice of doctor
Hospital treatment Care Student (private)Standard care class, multi-bed room, no optional services included
Dental treatment Care Student (private)Up to € 500, thereafter 50% per calendar year
Medication Care Student (private)Yes
Daily Hospital Allowance Care Student (private)€ 25 /day, max. 20 days
Convalescence allowance Care Student (private)Convalescence allowance € 1,500 total (for 90 days hospital stay and incapacity to work
Coverage throughout Europe Care Student (private)Yes
Valid worldwide Care Student (private)First four weeks
Deductible Care Student (private)€ 300 / calendar year
Waiting periods Care Student (privat)3 months; 8 months for dental prostheses, orthodontics,
psychotherapy, childbirth;

Who can take out insurance with Care Student?Who can take out insurance with Care Student?

Foreign students who are registered in Germany and are between 12 and 34 years old can insure themselves. The maximum duration is 60 months, after which there will be an adjustment to the KVS 1 plan of HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung AG. School students, boarding school students, enrolled doctoral students as well as interns, college/university students and language school students who would like to start their studies in Germany afterwards can also insure themselves (age range: 12 to 34 years old).

KrankenversicherungOnline application and contact information

You can take out the insurance with us directly here – either in German or English. The process includes filling out a health questionnaire. We would also be happy to advise you on all aspects of health insurance and find the best plan for you. Just give us a call at+49 228 97734-44 or contact us via e-mail at: .

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