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Statutory health insurance for students

Every student in Germany - whether they come from Germany or abroad - needs health insurance. You can choose between private and statutory health insurance. Here we would like to give you some information about the statutory health insurance.

Familienversicherung für StudentenFamily insurance for students

Ende der Versicherung VersicherungspflichtAs a German student you are usually insured by your parents until your 25th birthday. This means that they pay your health insurance as they did at school. After your 25th birthday this is no longer possible and you can insure yourself either privately or legally.

Ende der Versicherung VersicherungspflichtCompulsory insurance for students

All students enrolled in Germany are subject to compulsory insurance. German students after expiration of the family insurance and foreign students after matriculation. For the enrolment itself, you must also submit proof of health insurance.

Erwerbstätigkeit und VersicherungspflichtDischarge from compulsory insurance

Within the first three months after the start of the compulsory insurance, you can be released from the compulsory insurance and take out private health insurance. You can then no longer return to the statutory health insurance for the entire duration of your studies. For foreign students, we offer Care Student , a low-cost and high-performance alternative to statutory health insurance.


Beginn der VersicherungspflichtEnd of compulsory insurance

With the beginning of the 14th semester or from the 30th birthday, the compulsory insurance for students ends and you have to take out voluntary statutory insurance, which is significantly more expensive than the statutory student insurance. Once you no longer have to take out insurance, you can switch back to private health insurance, which is usually cheaper. For foreign students, we offer Care Student, a low-cost and high-performance alternative to statutory health insurance.

Befreiung von der VersicherungspflichtPremium for statutory health insurance

Ende der Versicherung VersicherungspflichtThe contribution to the statutory health insurance is determined uniformly by law. Students up to 30 years pay 66.33 Euro plus 19.79 Euro (for childless students from 23 years 21.42 Euro). Important: The health insurance companies charge a so-called additional contribution, which varies slightly from health insurance company to health insurance company. With our partner DAK Gesundheit, for example, you pay 76.07 Euros per month. In Germany, nursing care insurance is compulsory for all insured persons. When you turn 30, it is worth switching to private health insurance, because then the contributions to the statutory health insurance will rise sharply.

KrankenversicherungOur partner DAK Gesundheit

With us, you can take out the statutory health insurance for students at the DAK very easily and in just a few clicks online.
Online conclusion of statutory health insurance for students

You'd rather take out private insurance? For foreign students we also offer our private health insurance Care Student.

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