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Private and statutory health insurance for students in Germany

Surely you have already heard from your German university, from the German embassy or from the foreigners authority that you need health insurance for your studies in Germany and that you have the choice between statutory and private health insurance. What your German fellow students know from birth is probably completely new to you. Therefore we would like to explain the difference between statutory and private health insurance for students.

Die statutory health insuranceThe Statutory Health Insurance

SprachschulePrivate Health Insurance

private Voll-Krankenversicherung in DeutschlandNot everyone can take out private health insurance. The following groups of persons may take out private health insurance, for example: Employees who earn more than EUR 60,750 per year, self-employed, civil servants, registered students. Contributions and benefits are not required by law. You can choose a health insurance cover that suits your needs. In most cases, you will have to answer a few questions about your health before taking out private health insurance. It can happen that an insurance company cannot offer you health insurance cover.

Studium in Deutschland: Aller Anfang ist schwerStatutory and private health insurance: differences

GKV und PKV: Unterschiede in DeutschlandIn this table we have compiled some of the differences between statutory and private health insurance. You can also download them as a PDF document.

Statutory health insurance Private health insurance
Contributions Statutory health insuranceFixed by law, depending on income Private health insuranceNot fixed by law, usually increase with age
Admission Statutory health insuranceMust admit (almost) everyone, no health check Private health insurance Must not admit everyone, usually health check
Insurable persons Statutory health insurance(almost) all Private health insurance employees with an income above € 60,750 per year,
self-employed, civil servants, students
Billing Statutory health insuranceDirectly with physician Private health insurance Patient receives invoice, which he submits to insurer for reimbursement
Choice of physician Statutory health insurancenly physicians with health insurance approval Private health insurance Free choice of physician
Co-payments Statutory health insurancefor medicines, aids and in hospital Private health insurance None
Selbstbehalt Statutory health insuranceNo Private health insurance Possible

Auslandssemester in DeutschlandForeign students in Germany: Private or statutory insurance?

ausländische Studenten in DeutschlandIf you want to insure yourself legally or privately for your studies in Germany, you can decide for yourself. In most cases, private health insurance for students is much cheaper than statutory health insurance. You are also a private patient in private health insurance. This means that you may go to all doctors, probably have to wait less long for an appointment and sit in the waiting room.

In the statutory health insurance scheme, you get statutory standard benefits paid in full. Private health insurance, on the other hand, has maximum limits. Within these limits you can also make use of more expensive private treatments. There is often a deductible in private health insurance. This means that you bear all costs up to a certain amount. Only then will your private health insurance cover the costs.

Studiumende: Bald ist es geschafft – und dann?our solution: Care Student and DAK

we can offer you statutory health insurance with the DAK as well as the private student insurance „Care Student“ especially for foreign students. We have compared both products for you:

Care Student (private) DAK (statutory)
Student contribution up to 30 Care Student (private) € 89.48 / month DAK (statutory) € 119.94/ month
Student contribution from 30 Care Student (private) € 115.54 / month DAK (statutory) € 203,48 / month
Doctor treatment Care Student (private)Free choice of doctor DAK (statutory) Doctors with health insurance approval
Hospital treatment Care Student (private)General nursing class, multi-bed room,
without optional services
DAK (statutory) General nursing class, multi-bed room, without optional services,
€ 10 extra payment / day (max. 28 days)
Dental treatment Care Student (private)Up to € 500,
thereafter 50% per calendar year
DAK (statutory) Standard statutory care
Medication Care Student (private)Yes DAK (statutory) Additional payment 10% (min. 5, max. € 10)
Hospital daily allowance Care Student (private) € 25 /day, max. 20 days DAK (statutory) No
Recovery allowance Care Student (private) € 1,500 (for 90 days in hospital
and incapacity for work)
DAK (statutory) No
Applicability in Europe Care Student (private)Yes DAK (statutory) Yes
Valid worldwide Care Student (private)First four weeks DAK (statutory) No
Deductible Care Student (private) € 300 / calendar year DAK (statutory) No
Waiting periods Care Student (private)Waiting periods 3 months, 8 months for dentures, orthodontics,
Psychotherapy, childbirth, 6 months for dental treatment
(previous insurance partially recognised)
DAK (statutory) No

KontaktWe are happy to help you

We hope we were able to shed some light on the German health insurance system with this information. We would also be happy to help you personally via Phone or E-Mail and provide you with comprehensive advice on private and statutory health insurance for foreign students in Germany.


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