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Living, Learning, Studying in Germany

Living, learning and studying in Germany

You finally have your school-leaving certificate in your pocket and want to experience something new, explore a foreign country, learn the language and immerse yourself in the culture. Use one of the many opportunities to start your adventure abroad - from au pair or language course to work & travel or studying in Germany. We have compiled important information on all these topics for you.

After school: Off to Germany! After school: Off to Germany!

Study in GermanyMany know directly at the school, not yet whether they want to study and if so, what. Fortunately, there are other ways to gain experience, improve your language skills and find out what you want.
For example, language courses are an option, which in some cases are also important for studying in Germany later - the perfect combination.

If you already know that you want to take a break between school and university, you can also go to Germany as an au pair. Special au-pair agencies arrange and organize your stay and are your contact person during your stay.
Being an au-pair has many advantages - you not only learn the language, you also dive deeply into the culture and learn to take responsibility. Afterwards the decision for your future will be much easier.
Learn more about the different possibilities under After School to Germany or Language Students.

Study in GermanyStudy in Germany

Study in GermanyYou already know exactly what you want and that includes your studies - or part of them - at a German university? Every year about 58,000 foreign students are enrolled at German universities.

The motivation is very different - some want to expand their language skills or their network, others want to get to know the culture and for some the scientific focus is decisive and the low tuition fees compared to abroad.

If you are interested in studying in Germany, there are some things to consider. We have compiled the most important information for you, from language courses to studies, internships and health insurance.

 Health insurance Health insurance

 Health insurance after school

No matter what you do after school: When you come to Germany, you need health insurance.
Depending on what you are going to do, you will need an individually tailored product. We offer you health insurance for the coming years - whatever you have in mind.

Just enter some information about yourself in our tarifffinder and you will find the right health insurance: as a student, language student, au-pair, ...

We have compiled some important information for you: What is the difference between statutory and private health insurance for students? What are the requirements for insurance? And many more topics...

Blocked account

You are entering Germany with a visa? Then you probably need a blocked account!

Student exchange

Sauerkraut, cows, and Berlin. If that's your dream, do a student exchange year.

Au pair

What better way to get to know German culture, learn German language and discover Germany than living in a host family in Germany as an au pair?


Gain work experience and get to know languages and Germany at the same time? That sounds good to you? Then why not do a Work'n'Travel in Germany?

Studying at the FH in Germany

You already know that you want to study in Germany after school, but do you prefer the motto "learning-by-doing"? Then maybe an FH is something for you

Summer course

Are you a student or doctoral student in Germany? In a summer course you can get to know the language, culture and nice people.

TOP subject:
Health insurance for the time after school

Probably you have dealt little with the topic of health insurance so far. No problem! We have compiled important information for you, e.g. when you need international health insurance.

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