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School's over? Off to Germany! Au-pair

As Au-pair in Germany

As an au-pair you will live in a German family, take care of the children and help a little in the household. At the same time you attend a language course. An au pair stay in Germany is an ideal way to learn the language, get to know the country and its people and is therefore an ideal preparation for studying in Germany.

Au-pair in Germany: Requirements

fsj If you want to come to Germany as an au-pair, you have to fulfil a few requirements. You must be at least 18 years old.
It is also important that you have a basic knowledge of the German language A1 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages. You will then further improve your German during a language course in Germany.
In addition, your au pair work must last at least 6 months and a maximum of one year. By the way, gender is not a prerequisite: boys can also become au-pairs.

Au-pair in Germany: Entry and Visa

If you come from an EU/EEA country or from Switzerland, you can simply enter Germany with your identity card and work here as an au pair. It is only important that you register at the Einwohnermeldeamt of your city.
If you come from another country, you usually need a visa (there are a few exceptions). You can apply for a visa at the German embassy or consulate in your home country. All addresses can be found at the Federal Foreign Office.
Here you can also find out which documents you need to apply for your visa. Once you have arrived in Germany, you must obtain a residence permit from the foreigners authority responsible for your city and, like au-pairs from the EU, register at the Einwohnermeldeamt.

Au-pair in Germany: work and payment

Your tasks as an au-pair in Germany are mostly childcare, cooking food and light housework. Your working hours are limited to 30 hours per week or 6 hours per day. You are entitled to four weeks holiday per year. Payment is fixed at 260 Euro per month. You will also be provided with board and lodging. You are also entitled to a language course to which the host family must contribute 50 euros per month. You can also find everything about working as an au-pair in Germany at the Federal Employment Agency.

Au-pair in Deutschland: Agenturen

The easiest and most common way is to find an au-pair agency for the organisation of your au-pair stay. It will find you a host family and help you with the other organisation of your stay in Germany.

Au-pair in Germany: Health insurance

Au-pair in Germany: Health insurance As an au-pair in Germany you need a health insurance. If you come from a third country (outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland), you need it to apply for a visa.
Even if you come from the EU, you should take out a health insurance for au-pairs as the health insurance of your home country does not necessarily cover the costs for treatment in Germany completely and important services are missing. These are e.g. the return transport to the home country in case of accident or serious illness, loss money, insurance cover during visits in the home country or during holidays outside Germany with the host family or services for the visit of a relative. These services are offered by our special product Care Au-Pair (XL).
In addition, we strongly recommend that you take out a einer liability insurance policy, that covers damages, e.g. if you break a precious vase of your host family.

Also, if you want to stay in Germany after your time as an au-pair, we offer you the appropriate health insurance. Simply enter a few details in our tariff finder.

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