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School's over? Off to Germany!

School's over?
Off to Germany!

Have you finished school or completed your first degree and are dreaming of the hip metropolis of Berlin, the traditional Bavaria or a first-class education at one of the time-honoured universities in Germany? Then you've come to the right place because we provide you with information about educational stays in Germany - from language courses to doctorates.

After school in germany: language schoolLanguage school

After school in germany: language school The most important prerequisite for gaining a foothold in Germany is the German language. Many Germans, especially in the metropolises, speak English quite well, but without German language skills it will still be difficult. At a language school in Germany, you will be made linguistically fit to get along in everyday life in Germany and to start further educational measures such as studying.

Visiting a Studienkolleg in Germany

Visiting a Studienkolleg in GermanyA Studienkolleg builds the bridge from the language school to the university and serves to prepare you for studying in Germany. If the school leaving certificate from your home country is not recognised as equivalent to the German Abitur, you will probably have to attend a Studienkolleg. Here you will further improve your German, have technical instruction and learn important key qualifications for studying at a German university.

Studying in Germany

After School: Studying in Germany

The traditional German universities have a very good international reputation. If you want to start studying in Germany, there are a few points to consider: Do you need a visa? Is your degree recognised? Which university is the best for your subject? How does enrollment work? We have compiled helpful information on studying in Germany for you.

A semester abroad in Germany

Maybe you don't want to complete your entire studies in Germany, but would like to study for only one semester or one year at a German university in order to get to know the language and culture better. For such semesters abroad in Germany, there are numerous cooperations between German and foreign universities or special exchange programmes such as ERASMUS for EU citizens.

student exchange in GermanyStudent exchange in Germany

student exchange in GermanyAre you still an undergraduate student and would like to live in Germany for a while? That's no problem either, because there is a student exchange. You spend half a year or a whole school year at a normal German school and live for this time in a host family. How could you get to know German culture better?

Au pair in GermanyAs Au pair in Germany

Als Au-pair in DeutschlandAs an au-pair you live in a German family and usually take care of children and household. Besides, you usually have lessons in a language school. With an au pair stay you get to know the German language and culture in equal measure and can prepare yourself for studying in Germany, for example.

Working Holiday in GermanyWorking Holiday

Studium in Germany

Shepherding cows in the Alps, helping with the grape harvest on the Rhine or waiters in Berlin:
Germany is also suitable for a working holiday. The country is very versatile, offers good chances to find a job and you can learn German during your trip.

Work & TravelWork & Travel

Working HolidayWork & Travel? That's only possible in Australia!
No, there is also the possibility in Germany to travel through the country and to finance your trip with odd jobs. Only without Koalas...
Click here for more information about Work & Travel in Germany

health insuranceHealth insurance

health in Germany

No matter what you do after your high school diploma: you need health insurance.

You are not always automatically insured via your parents, especially if you are going abroad. We offer you health insurance for the coming years - whatever you have in mind at home or abroad.

Just enter some information about yourself in our tariff finder and you will find the right health insurance: as a student, language student, au-pair, ...

Probably you have dealt little with the topic of health insurance so far. No problem!

We have compiled some important information for you: What is the difference between a statutory and a private health insurance ? When do I need international health insurance? And many more topics about health insurance for the time after school ...

Blocked AccountBlocked Account

Blocked Account Germany

If you enter Germany with a visa for the language course or studies, you need a blocked account.

We offer you a blocked account in addition to the health insurance: the Care Concept Blocked Account.

Blocked Account for Germany ...

Care Concept Welcome to Germany Scholarship

Participate now in the competition for the Care Concept Welcome to Germany Scholarship

Care Concept Welcome to Austria Scholarship

Participate now in the competition for the Care Concept Welcome to Austria Scholarship

Student exchange

Sauerkraut, cows, and Berlin. If that's your dream, do a student exchange year.

Au pair

What better way to get to know German culture, learn German language and discover Germany than living in a host family in Germany as an au pair?


Gain work experience and get to know languages and Germany at the same time? That sounds good to you? Then why not do a Work'n'Travel in Germany?

Language course in Gemany

Speaking of language skills: Have you ever thought about a language course in Germany?

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Health insurance for the time after school

Probably you have dealt little with the topic of health insurance so far. No problem! We have compiled important information for you, e.g. when you need international health insurance.

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