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Winner of the Care Concept Refugee Scholarship summer term 2021

ScholarshipsThis is our winner: Nezar

Nezar has been living in Berlin as a Syrian refugee since September 2015. He has been studying electrical engineering at the German University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW) for some time and is also volunteering with the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW). He will report regularly on his experiences in the coming months.

Nezar's letter of motivation

ScholarshipsNezar's monthly reports

Ramadan during Corona - April 2021

In his first report, Nezar tells us something about how Corona affects his student life and Ramadan.

Back to Berlin - May 2021

This month, Nezar tells us a bit about what he's been up to over the last few weeks and how he's preparing for the exam period ahead.

Ready for a holiday - June 2021

In his third report, Nezar tells us how tough the current exam period is and about his desire to travel afterwards.

Holiday in Greece - July 2021

In his fourth report, Nezar tells us about his well-deserved holiday in Greece.

Hiking - August 2021

In his fifth report, Nezar tells us about his experiences in August and especially about a hike in Saxony that he did with some friends. He also gives us a preview of what's in store for him in the coming weeks.

Exam Period - September 2021

In his sixth report, Nezar tells us something about his current exam period and the next semester. He also tells us about his path to becoming a German citizen.

Goodbye - October 2021

In his last report, Nezar reviews the past six months. He also thanks Care Concept for the scholarship.

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