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Care Concept Welcome to Germany Scholarship: Elahehs third report: Berlin während der Feiertage

Welcome to GermanyHello 2020!

In Berlin it’s getting colder and you can feel New Year’s vibes in each corner of the city. Everywhere there are people with lots of shopping bags, buying presents for their families and friends. There are big and small Christmas markets in different neighborhoods. People are enjoying their time by gathering in Christmas markets and drinking Glühwein or Punsch (traditional hot drinks, which are very popular on this time of the year), eating snacks and buying small “winterish” stuff from local stores.
It is also enjoyable to go to Christmas markets to try ice-skating. Children are happy for the Holiday Season (including students like me!) and the whole city is decorated with beautiful lightings, which does not let you to feel the cold at all!

Scholarship Welcome to GermanyChristmas at University

Christmas at UniversityWe also experienced a very nice time at university. We played secret Santa and received and gave our presents to our fellow students. At the same time, we as social workers did not forget about the homeless people in Berlin.
Weeks ago we started to gather warm clothes from all the students at the university and distributed them. I feel very happy; although what we are doing is not a life changing help for the homeless people, but I believe that if each small community in a city takes some responsibilities, they would have a warmer and nicer Christmas.

Scholarship Welcome to GermanyNever alone

Never aloneMost of my German and non-German classmates have already left Berlin to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their family. But don’t worry if you are alone! Berlin will not let you feel alone. The city is full of different kinds of fun events: concerts, theatres, parties, galleries. Last weekend, I preferred to spend my time on my own but after walking for a while, I found myself in a very cozy, old cafe close to the canal with live Jazz music. I couldn’t have asked for something more enjoyable than that.

Scholarship Welcome to GermanyHow I spend the Holiday Season

How I spend the Holiday Season Even non-Christian people enjoy the Holiday Season and I am pretty sure that they also exchange gifts and decorate their trees at home. This is the most joyful feeling of solidarity. I also go to Stockholm to visit my family and friends and relax a little bit. I can’t wait till I come back to Berlin and start the new chapter of university with my lovely fellow students. Happy New Year!

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