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Care Concept Welcome to Germany Scholarship: Elahehs 6. Report: Studying despite the Coronavirus

Stipendium Welcome to Germany Studieren trotz CoronaStudying despite the Coronavirus

Well what can I say about the last weeks?
We were supposed to start our second semester on March 16, but because of the insidious Coronavirus, we all are staying at home and doing our lectures and papers online. We even built small groups for online-meetings in order to discuss our different points of views on new subjects that we are learning in this weird time.

Stipendium Welcome to Germany Corona affects everythingCorona affects everything

Corona affects everythingThe Coronavirus makes everything more stressful, scary and annoying. Lots of people are losing their jobs, especially those who are not Germans. Even going out buying groceries makes me nervous. The headlines of the news are only about the rate of mortality in Italy, Spain, France, Iran and so on.
the whole world has something to focus on and fight against. There are no news about politics anymore. I think this break is necessary, but also comes with a great price! I am a bit worried about the whole financial, economic and even political situation after this crisis.

Stipendium Situation in GermanySituation in Germany

While I stayed in Iran the whole February, I’ve missed University, my friends and my life in general and I have to say that I feel lucky that I am in Berlin right now. According to the news, Germany is one the countries which has managed to control the situation very well. I think this is probably one of the strengths of Germans that they know how to react on critical moments like this.

Stipendium Smell of SpringSmell of Spring

Smell of Spring I feel very lucky that I can still ride my bike or run around the city, but we all should be prepared for a more complicated situation. Apart of all the stress regarding this virus, I can smell spring in Berlin.
Everything is very green and fresh and honestly, the sky looks also more beautiful since the Coronavirus has spread all over the world. Maybe the only positive impact of the virus, is to help to control the climate change.

Stipendium UniversityUniversity

I am very impressed by the university and how they organized everything for us that quickly, so that we can continue our master course without any interruptions. We have a lot of tasks to do. Such as writing papers on a daily basis, which I really appreciate, because that keeps me busy and my brain focused.

Stipendium My birthdayMy birthday

Mein Geburtstag Last week, in this very odd time, it was birthday and now I can proudly announce that I am 29 years old. One day, I will explain to my children, how I enjoyed my strange birthday party with only one friend from the university. I cooked some Persian food and my friend baked me a cake. We had a good time and life is simply too nice to let Corona ruin it. This cannot last forever!

Stipendium Was ich zuhause macheWhat I do at home

I realized that staying home is not such a bad thing. I am watching movies that I always wanted to watch, I read my books which I always had some excuses for to leave unread. I am also trying to play my violin again. So now I really understand, why it is very important to have at least one hobby in your life

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