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Care Concept Welcome to Germany Stipendium: Sivasankar's first report: Hello Germany!

Welcome to GermanyEpisode – 1: The Journey to Germany

2020 has been a very long and interesting year - A truly historic year. From hectic business continuity plans at my previous workplace to my long-awaited VISA approval process to the final touch down in Germany, there is so much to share.

As I waited for the German Embassies to reopen and start processing the new applications for student VISAs, the rate of COVID-19 infections surged throughout India. I kept face masks and sanitizers close and my hopes up. Like everyone around me, I stayed indoors, worked remotely and every once in a while, I took my old guitar for spin to break the silence.

Bei meiner TanteAt my aunts house
I left my job on August 10th, 2020 and moved to my aunt’s house where I stayed until I finally got to travel to Germany. After months of being alone, now I finally had company – my aunt and my grandad. It was a good family time. There were home cooked meals as far as the eye could see and I would take long afternoon naps after stuffing myself. My grandad and I would go for early morning walks in the colony. With the exception of the widespread Covid tragedy that was at the peak during those times, it was a perfect time in my life.

Finally, towards the end of August, I got an appointment with the German Visa office. The appointment went smooth and then the wait began for the VISA to arrive. Around the same time, my University started, and I attended my lectures online along with the rest of the class. Assignments deadlines and long lectures quickly, and without my notice, flooded my life. Then, in October first week, I finally received my Passport with the VISA stamped and ready. I decided to fly on the 21st of October and quickly started to get some last-minute shopping done. By this time the Covid cases in India started to decline and finally we were seeing some semblance of light at the end of the tunnel.

Saying to Goodbye to my family and hello to GermanySaying to Goodbye to my family and hello to Germany
Saying bye to family has always been difficult. This time was harder. Germany is so far away from home. We make choices about how we can improve ourselves, master’s in finance was that step for me. To that end, all this is a part of life. Finally, the day of travel came. I bade farewell to my family and stepped out to the airport. With the health regulations tightened, the travel was particularly unconventional. Like I said before, historic times. With the exception of having to wear a helmet, a face mask and a pair of gloves (and with good reason), the journey was smooth and comfortable.

Arriving in Niederwerth
I landed in Frankfurt and took the train to Koblenz. All the way to Koblenz, my eyes were glued to the train’s window, tracing the beautiful Rhine river along it’s many curved edges. There were many cottages and vineyards along the banks of the river - a truly spectacular view. Every once in a while, I was delighted to see a castle popping up on the hills surrounding the Rhine river valley. I switched trains at Koblenz and was on my way to Vallendar. At Vallendar I hired a taxi to take me to my accommodation at Niederwerth. Niederwerth is an island just off the city of Vallendar on the Rhine river.

My new homeMy new home
I remember finally sitting down in my apartment bed with all the luggage still packed and sitting haphazardly in my room. So far from home. I looked out of the window; it was a bright blue sky decorated with a few fluffy clouds. I smiled to myself and felt excited about my life ahead.

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