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Care Concept “Welcome to Germany” Scholarship

For more than 20 years now, Care Concept AG has been the specialist for international health insurance coverage for Germans abroad, foreign visitors in Europe and travellers worldwide. In addition to solutions for students and language students, we also offer products for long-term travellers, au pairs, expatriates, business travellers and tourists.

You are a foreign student and would like to spend some time in Germany during your studies? Apply now for our Care Concept "Welcome to Germany" scholarship!

Apply here for the Welcome to Germany Scholarship until 15 August 2021

Welcome to Germany StipendiumWhat do we offer you?

Our Care Concept "Welcome to Germany" Scholarship consists of a monthly financial support and applies to foreign students.

  • Monthly grant of 300 Euro
  • Funding period: 6 months
  • Start of funding: October 2021

StipendienWhat’s next?

This is the way to your international Care Concept Scholarship:

  1. Apply until 15 August 2021 using our online application form.
  2. In August 2021, our jury will pick the finalists. You will be informed whether you have made it among the finalists.
  3. The winners will be chosen from the finalists in a public online voting in beginning of September 2021.
  4. The winners will be notified and announced in mid-September 2021.
  5. In October 2021 it will start. We are looking forward to your monthly reports about your studies abroad.

Welcome to Germany StipendiumWhat qualifications should you have?

You should identify yourself with our values honesty, helpfulness and tolerance and put them into practice actively in your life.
You’re also engaged in the social networks? Then it’s a match! Whether Instagram, Facebook or YouTube - the main thing is that you feel at home in the digital world and love to communicate with other people.
Above-average grades are not so important to us.

We want to share your experiences with our subscribers and customers. Therefore you should be prepared to report about your experiences in Germany once a month. To do this, you send us a monthly report with photos (approx. 1 page A4) or a short video (approx. 2 minutes). In addition, you agree to shoot a summary video once at the end of the scholarship period as a summary of the last 6 months - i.e. a total of three reports and four videos. We will then publish these on our Instagram- and Facebook-Profile and website.

Here is an overview of all requirements:

  • Age: 18 - 35 years old
  • Studies: all subjects, at least second semester
  • Permanent residence outside of Germany
  • Proven feasibility of the stay abroad
  • Good knowledge of German or English language
  • Willingness to prepare a monthly written and filmed report and a summary video - Activity in social networks (Facebook and Instagram)

StipendienHow can you participate?

  1. Fill out our online application form including your contact details and your letter of motivation.
  2. After submitting the online application form you will receive a confirmation email with your applicant ID. Please always state this in the subject line when you communicate with us. The application deadline is 15 August 2021.
  3. Upload the following documents on an online download portal (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive):
    • Fully completed online form
    • 3 photos matching your letter of motivation (as jpg, png, gif or tiff - min 300dpi)
    • Creative application video (max. 1 minute)
    • Current certificate of enrolment or letter of admission
    • Signed Conditions of Participation and Agreement
  4. Send us the download link to your documents, stating your applicant ID,.
  5. After we recceived all your documents, we will send you a confirmation e-mail about your successful participation in our contest.

The finalists will be selected by a jury in our house. Only if all documents are complete you can participate in the selection of the jury. If you are shortlisted, we will publish your video and/or letter of application on our Instagram- and Facebook-Profile and website. A public online vote to choose the winner will then take place here on our portal for students.

Download information on the Care Concept Welcome to Germany Scholarship here.

StipendienThis is our winner for the Care Concept Welcome to Germany Scholarship in the winter term 2021.

Karolina – is studying medicine in Rome and will spend her next semester in Bonn. She is looking for new personal challenges and likes to share her experiences with others. Find out what Karolina experiences here every month.

StipendienThese are the winners of the last Care Concept Welcome to Germany scholarships





Do you have any questions?

No problem! Our marketing team will be pleased to help you. You can reach us by e-mail
or by phone at 0228/97735-682.

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