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Everything about student life in Germany

For most people, the time in college is one of the best, if not THE best time of life. This may not always be the case in stressful exam phases, overcrowded lectures or when you’re constantly living on a shoestring budget. But you'll never again have as much freedom and free time as during your studies. You're coming for a preparatory language course, you're about to enroll in a university in Germany or you’re ready to write your Master's thesis?
On the following pages we have compiled information about student life for you. We have especially focused on insurance, in particular health insurance for students.

It's easy to find the right student health insurance for you:
Just enter a few details about yourself and your planned stay in our plan finder , and you will find the right health insurance. Even if you are not yet a student and are a language school participant or are on a Work&Travel, , we have the right health insurance coverage for you.

Pre-course before studying in GermanyPreparatory courses before studying in Germany

language schoollanguage school

SprachschuleStudying abroad also means having to master the language in order to be able to follow the lectures at the university.

German universities, as in many other countries, require proof of your German language proficiency through a language certificate, the TestDaF, "Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache" (German as a foreign language test). According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF), a passed TestDaF corresponds to CEF language levels B2 or C1, depending on your assessment, and shows that you understand German and have mastered the language in every situation. Then nothing stands in the way of your studies, at least linguistically. In order to achieve this, it makes sense to take a language course as a prospective student in Germany. We have compiled more information for you on this topic on our "Language school participant" pages..

Studying in Germany: It's hard to get off to a good startStudying in Germany: The first step is always the hardest.

Studying: It's hard to get off to a good startAStA, Credit Points, Rückmeldung, Sitzschein, Tutorium - and you don’t understand anything? That is not bad and quite normal. That's probably the way it goes for almost everyone—for German as well as foreign students—who are taking their first steps in their studies and have left their home town, for example. We therefore would like to provide you with some information on this portal that will make your start a little easier. We'll explain to you, for example, what to consider when enrolling or how to find the right right student health insurance.

Auslandssemester in DeutschlandYour semester abroad in Germany

semester abroad: Off to germany!Especially when you study in Germany, there are certainly a lot of things that are different from your home country. In order to get the most out of your studies in Germany, we have compiled some important information for you.

This list can probably be continued indefinitely. However, it gives you a rough overview of the thoughts you should think about before studying or doing your doctorate in Germany. Some of these questions will hopefully be answered on this portal.

end of studying: almost made itThe end of your study program: you’ve almost reached your goal—what happens next?

end of studying: almost made itYou have almost made it. What plans do you have when your thesis or exams are behind you and a new phase of life has begun?

Would you like to continue your studies, perhaps do a Master's degree or even a doctorate? Would you like to orient yourself beforehand in a trainee program or an internship? Or would you like to start directly with a salaried job? Or maybe it's time for you to take a gap year to travel or to become engaged in a social cause? You can become inspired with some ideas on our portal.

health insurance while studying in germanyHealth insurance while studying in Germany

During your school time your parents probably took care of the health insurance. Even if you don't know anything about health insurance, no problem! We have put together some important information for you. health while studyingAs a student you always need health insurance in Germany. What is the difference between public and a private health insurance for students? Do I need health insurance as a language school participant? And many more topics ... more about health insurance for students

Care Concept Welcome to Germany Scholarship

Participate now in the competition for the Care Concept Welcome to Germany Scholarship

Care Concept Welcome to Austria Scholarship

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Studying at the FH in Germany

You already know that you want to study in Germany after school, but do you prefer the motto "learning-by-doing"? Then maybe an FH is something for you

Semester abroad in Germany

Speaking of language skills: Have you ever thought about a semester abroad in Germany? In this way you can get to know new things without wasting time.

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Health insurance for students in Germany

Probably you have dealt little with the topic of health insurance in Germany so far. No problem! We have compiled important information for you, e.g. when you need health insurance in Germany.

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