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Health insurance for students in Germany

Students future jobYour studies – the path to an exciting future

Your studies will probably be one of the most exciting phases of your life - with lots of fun, but also many changes and the first strides into your professional future. You will venture out with your first few steps, you will become independent and move into a student dorm or an apartment with roommates. This won’t only include cooking, laundry and shopping, but also ensuring that you have your own insurance.

Did you know that you have to present proof of your health insurance coverage when enrolling ain a university or college? You do, however, have several options in this case. Below we have compiled some important information for you:

statuatory health insurance in germanyHealth insurance during your studies in Germany

Every student who studies at a state or state-recognized university in Germany is subject to social insurance contributions. This means that as a prospective student you must have health insurance. There are two options in this case - private health insurance and public health insurance. It is especially important to the universities/colleges that your insurance coverage is unlimited and, therefore, valid during the entire period of your studies. The student plans of public health insurance providers, such as DAK, are valid until your 15th semester, your 30th year of life or until the end of your studies. Our private health insurance plan "Care Student" covers you for the entire period of your studies, beyond the 15th semester or your 30th birthday. In order to take out private insurance, you must be exempted from the obligation to take out public health insurance coverage. Of course, we would be more than happy to support you in this. If you take out coverage with our Care Student plan, you will receive confirmation of insurance coverage from us, which you must provide when enrolling in a university/college or requesting exemption from public health insurance coverage. You can take out your coverage online , giving you additional insurance coverage throughout Europe and up to 4 weeks of coverage in non-European countries. And best of all - the premium is more affordable than that with a public health insurance plan.

semester abroad experiences abroadHealth insurance while getting your doctorate

You have just finished your studies, but you want more? Are you considering writing your doctoral thesis? Then there is something more to consider concerning health insurance: doctoral theses are often written while working, whether it is as a university employee or company employee. In these cases you are also obligated to make social security contributions and can no longer insure yourself as a student in Germany’s public health insurance system. You need either another public health insurance plan or private health insurance coverage. If you do not have a job, live on a scholarship or part-time job, have reached your 15th semester or 30 years of age, you may be able to insure yourself affordably for 5 years up to the age of 35 with our Care Student plan. If you are an enrolled doctoral student, which means you are completing a doctoral program, you can insure yourself privately and trouble-free, for example with a Care Student plan, or with public health insurance coverage through DAK. If you were already insured with our Care Student plan before you got your doctorate, we can offer you continued insurance coverage with no gap - either public health coverage through DAK, or, if possible, private coverage with one of our other plans.

Health Insurance mactriculation PromotionThe enrollment process in Germany

Do you have any questions regarding enrollment, for example: Which certificates do I need and which requirements do I have to fulfill? How do I demonstrate I am insured? For all these questions you can contact the International Offices of various universities. Not only do they always have tips, but they also offer information material or language courses. We have also put together a list of different International Offices for you.

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International Offices

If you have questions about the semester abroad in Germany or about recognition, IOs can help you.

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