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Internship during your studies

Professional experience gained during one’s studies is expected from many companies today. An internship is the best way to do this. You will not only gain valuable professional experience, but you will also have one foot in the door of potential employers and will be able to develop yourself personally. When thinking about internships during a course of study, there are various options to choose from. We have put together some of these possibilities for you.

Mandatory internshipMandatory internship

Mandatory internshipIn many courses of study an internship is mandatory, so you complete several weeks or months and sometimes even an entire semester of an internship.
Whether you are on your own when looking for a suitable company in which you can do your internship or your university supports you in your search depends entirely on the university and your course of study.
In order for your internship to be recognized as a manatory internship or as an internship semester, you must observe the study regulations and other requirements of your university when choosing the company in which you would like to do your internship.

Mandatory internshipPre-study internship

In some degree programs, you can only begin your studies after you have completed the necessary pre-study internship. The start of your studies in engineering is often tied to such an internship. Be sure to inform yourself in good time about the requirements for the companies and the contents and start looking for a suitable internship early enough.

Mandatory internshipVoluntary internship during your studies

An internship during your studies makes sense in any case in order to be able to prove initial professional experience, even if no pre-study internship, mandatory internship or internship semester is stipulated in your course of studies.
You may not, however, complete a voluntary internship during the semester, but have to complete it during your semester break. You can find suitable internships for students and young professionals in specialized search engines such as Absolventa.

Financing your internshipFinancing your internship

Krankenversicherung und die EinschreibungHow is a student internship financed? Basically, one can say that mandatory internships do not have to be paid for.
Voluntary internships of three months or more must be remunerated with the current minimum wage. On the website of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs you can find out in just a few clicks whether or not you will receive a minimum wage for your internship.

Health insurance during your internshipHealth insurance during your internship

No matter what kind of internship you complete in Germany, you will need health insurance coverage here. If an internship is required during your studies in Germany, you can insure yourself with us by taking out a Care Student policy. If you plan on completing a voluntary internship in Germany, you can insure yourself with our Care College plan.
If you are uncertain which plan is right for you, you will find all the information you need in our plan finder.

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