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Language students

Language schools, language courses and language holidays

Language schools, language courses and language holidays There are many different course offers in the language schools and you are spoilt for choice: there are measures for individual language students, language student groups or also for employees of companies.

There are also big differences in the duration of the language courses: there are permanent language courses, intensive language courses, but also weekend language courses.
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The language trip is also very popular, with which you as a language student take part in a language course during a stay abroad. The language school often organises the stay abroad, including lessons and leisure activities, so that you can use the foreign language you have learned directly in suitable situations with locals.
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Many language schools and institutes also offer a combination of an internship abroad and a language trip.

However, you can also organise your language course individually and look forward to even more intensive encounters with native speakers.

Reasons for a language course

Reasons for a language courseFoundation for language courses There are many different reasons for taking part in a language course. The different courses offered by the language schools are just as varied. Contrary to its name, a language course is a good way for everyone to learn a new language intensively, focussed and frustration-free or to refresh it.

Maybe you are about to study and would like to go out into the world and learn something, or maybe you are already in the middle and would like to use your semester break to get to know other countries and languages during a summer course.

Maybe you need a certain language level for your semester abroad, your FSJ or your job. This is often classified according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and many language schools prepare you for appropriate exams and assess your language level in advance.
This is now also possible online.

Language course at national cultural institutes

You certainly know the Goethe-Institut, where foreigners learn the German language either in their home country or in Germany. Many other countries have similar national cultural institutes:

The Goethe-Institut and also many other language institutes are state-supported, so that the language courses there are inexpensive and the language courses are structured according to experience, as well as according to the respective language level of the language students.

The competence levels are classified according to the GER reference framework, i.e. from A1 for beginners to C2 for experts. The certificates are tested uniformly. There are TOEFL, TOEIC and the Cambridge Certificate for English, DELE for Spanish, DELF and DALF for French, or PLID, CELI and CILS for Italian, depending on the language level.
More about the different language tests.

Health insurance for language students

Health insurance for language studentsHealth insurance for language students

As a language student, you should make sure that you have health insurance so that you are well covered in the event of an accident. This is because your German statutory health insurance is only partially valid in the EU and not at all in other countries outside the EU.
Care Concept AG has developed a low-cost foreign insurance policy for language students: The foreign health insurance Care College. It is tailored exactly to the needs of language students and starts at 24.50 euros a month. Simply enter a few details in our rate finder at the bottom of the page and we will find the right insurance for you, which you can also take out directly online. We will also be happy to advise you by telephone on +49 228 97735-44.

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Health insurance for language students

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