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Language Course: Learn Languages More Effectively

Language Course: Learn Languages More EffectivelyNormal school lessons are not well suited for the correct and frustration-free learning of a language. You are constantly distracted, have other subjects in mind and have no opportunity in class to talk freely about what you want. But learning correctly means having fun and listening to the language, speaking and writing and combining it with positive experiences.

This is exactly what you will achieve with a well-structured language course. It aims to reduce the pure vocabulary and grammar exercises and apply more, to talk, read and understand. With a small elementary framework, speaking with other students will give you access to more terms and the right sentence structure. Language schools employ native speakers who tailor their learning units to your needs.

Whether you want to do a semester abroad, FSJ, or Gap-Year, or prepare for the future in our globalized world, a language course will quickly take you a step further.
Different language levels, goals and groups also have different needs:

What language courses are there?

What language courses are there?There are different language courses for different target groups, depending on language level, available time and purpose. If you just want to refresh your language a little before a Working Holiday or Work'n'Travel, you can certainly take a weekend language course or a summer course that refreshes the basics before you go on a trip. A free language course for beginners and basics is also possible.
More about language courses offered by universities, institutes, adult education centres

However, if you are preparing for a professional career abroad, or are doing a semester abroad, or your doctorate abroad, then you can also take a course especially for your industry with a professional orientation, or take a summer course, perhaps also a language trip that will familiarize you with the culture of the country.

You may also want to learn a new foreign language because you are simply curious about other cultures and countries and can then take advantage of an intensive course which, unlike the usual language courses, does not only last 2-6 weeks but takes place daily for about 6 or 12 months.

Language tests

Language tests What language courses are there? Language courses often prepare you for language tests that have been developed by institutes and non-profit organizations and whose certificates you can enclose with your CV.

Some language tests you can take directly at the language school, others you must take in a special test center. Although your language course may even be offered free of charge by a university or foundation, test organisers charge an examination fee.
More about language tests.

Health insurance for the language course

Health insurance for the language course Health Insurance Language CourseIf you are attending a language course abroad, whether it is a language trip or a longer language course, you will need health insurance that is on hand in an emergency. Care Concept AG offers a very good, flexible and inexpensive health insurance cover starting at 28 EUR per month.

You can take out Care College international health insurance for all countries worldwide, with the exception of the USA, Canada and Mexico, for which there is a special tariff: Care College USA.

With our tariff finder, you can find the right health insurance for your language course abroad in just a few clicks, which you can also take out quickly and directly online with Care Concept AG. We will also be happy to help you by phone at +49 228 97735-44.


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