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Almost 150,000 German students study abroad. Especially popular countries for studying abroad are our neighbours Austria and the Netherlands, followed by Great Britain and Switzerland. But more exotic destinations such as China have also made it into the list of the most popular countries for German students.

semester abroad: students worldwide!Spend the Complete Study Abroad

semester abroad: students worldwide!There are many reasons not to spend your studies in Germany. In some subjects, such as medicine, there is usually a high numerus clausus in Germany. In order to avoid this, many Germans study medicine abroad. The best-known example of this is certainly Hungary. Some subjects cannot be studied in Germany at all or only to a limited extent. This is particularly true for special Master's programmes.

In addition, you can of course develop your language skills as well as your intercultural competence enormously by studying abroad.

Studium: Aller Anfang ist schwerA semester abroad

Studying: a semester abroadMaybe you don't want to study all your studies, but only one or two semesters abroad? Most universities in Germany have partner universities abroad with which they offer exchange programmes. There are also international study programmes in which one or more semesters abroad are an integral part of the study programme. more about semesters abroad...

Studium OrganisationThe Organisation

Organisation StudyingIf you want to go abroad during your studies, you should inform yourself early and take care. First contact person is the International Office of your university in Germany. If you would like to study abroad completely, you should inform yourself about the local conditions before enrolling, so that you can see directly whether this place of study is suitable for you. In order to finance your studies, you can of course look for a part-time job. Many companies and organizations, however, also support students with scholarships more information about scholarships

Health insurance for studentsHealth insurance for students

health insurance durcing studiesIf you want to study abroad - no matter if you only want to study one semester or for the whole duration of your studies - you should also think about the right health insurance. Within Europe, the statutory health insurances do not always pay the full cost of treatment, outside Europe, the statutory health insurances usually do not pay at all. Even a return transport to Germany in case of an accident or a serious illness is not paid for by the statutory health insurance companies. Especially for your studies abroad we offer you our product Care College, which protects you from 24.50 Euro per month. To find the right product for you, simply enter a few details in our tariff finder and we will show you the right health insurance for your studies abroad.


You're wondering how to finance your studies? We have a few helpful tips on how to financially secure yourself.

Semester abroad

Speaking of language skills: Have you ever thought about a semester abroad? In this way you can get to know new things without wasting time.

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Health insurance for students

Probably you have dealt little with the topic of health insurance so far. No problem! We have compiled important information for you, e.g. when you need international health insurance.

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