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Health insurance for the semester abroad

Health insurance for the semester abroadsoon it's time: You go abroad for some time to spend a semester or maybe a whole year at a foreign university. Surely you have already been busy with the preparations: Applying for a scholarship (e.g. ERASMUS for stays within the EU), looking for an apartment and booking flight tickets. But have you also taken out health insurance for the semester abroad? If not, we have compiled some important information for you here.

Why do I need an additional health insurance for the semester abroad?Why do I need an additional health insurance for the semester abroad?

For your semester abroad, you need an additional private health insurance, because the German statutory health insurances do not or only partially cover treatment costs abroad. A return transport to Germany is usually not covered by the statutory health insurance. We have compiled an overview of the services provided by the statutory health insurance funds compared with a private health insurance for abroad. Even if you are privately insured or have an annual foreign health insurance, you should absolutely check whether this is sufficient. This is because there are often restrictions regarding the destinations or the duration of the trip.

Am I not insured in my host country during my semester abroad?Am I not insured in my host country during my semester abroad?

In some countries you are automatically insured in the respective health system. One example is (still) the UK, where all EU citizens living in the UK are covered by the National Health Service (NHS) as soon as they register with a General Practitioner.
However, the NHS does not cover private medical treatment, which can lead to long waiting times. The return transport to Germany in the case of particularly serious illnesses or accidents is also not covered.
Therefore, even in countries where you are insured in the state system, an additional private health insurance abroad is useful. This covers both repatriation and private medical treatment. Health insurance for students and language course participants Care College

What should the international health insurance cover?What should the international health insurance cover?

In addition to outpatient, inpatient and dental treatment with free choice of doctor, medications prescribed by a doctor should also be covered. Return transport to Germany is also very important in the event of serious accidents or illnesses. You should make sure that the return transport is "medically sensible" and not only "medically necessary". "Medically necessary" means that the return transport will only be carried out if treatment in the host country is not possible. "Medically sensible" means a return transport, e.g. if the doctors are of the opinion that you will recover better in your usual environment.

Do I need any other insurance?Do I need any other insurance?

You should think about a liability insurance. This insurance pays for damages that you cause (not intentionally) to other persons or their property. Accident insurance also makes sense. This pays e.g. salvage costs after accidents or if permanent damage occurs after an accident. Our liability insurance Care Protector

How do I find the right insurance?How do I find the right insurance?

In order to find the right health insurance for your semester abroad, simply enter a few details in our tariff finder. The rate finder will show you suitable options, which decide a little in price and performance. Once you have found a suitable product, you can purchase it directly online on the Care Concept website. Need more advice? No problem! Our colleagues will be happy to advise you via Phone or via E-Mail

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