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No money, no fun! - ways to finance your studies

Most students are familiar with the following situation: the month is drawing to a close and your meals only include pasta with ketchup because your already tight monthly budget has been used up. In addition to BAföG or the support of your parents, alternative sources of income have to be found.

ScholarshipsCare Concept Scholarships

health insurance for scholarship holdersIn addition to numerous foundations, private companies also offer scholarships for studying at home and abroad. Care Concept support stays abroad during your studies with our Care Concept Scholarships.
Our Care Concept Welcome to Austria Scholarship is aimed at students who will spend part of their studies in Austria. With our scholarship we support you with 300 Euro per month as well as the health insurance for your stay in Austria.

More important to us than good grades is that you are socially committed. We also want you to report on your time abroad with a monthly video or report.

StipendienCare Concept Scholarships

Scholarship Welcome to Germany Scholarship Welcome to Austria Scholarship for refugees Welt-Scholarship

Waiting tables or working in a call center: the part-time job

Kellnern oder Callcenter – der NebenjobThe classic means to making additional income is the part-time job. In addition to waiting tables or working in a call center, there are also opportunities to work as a student assistant at a university or student employee in a company. This has the advantage of giving you direct work experience and enriching your resume/CV. Many universities still have the good old bulletin board or their own job exchanges for part-time jobs.

Well-known nationwide job exchanges for student jobs include or

Attention:If you are looking for a part-time job and have public health insurance through your parents, you are not allowed to earn more than 450 euro per month. If you earn more, you must insure yourself with a public health insurance student plan.

Student grants and scholarships

financing your semester abroad

There are some additional possibilities regarding financial support during your studies. In order that you have the opportunity to study regardless of your social and economic status, you can apply, among other things, for BAföG (state educational support). The amount of the loan depends on various criteria, above all on your income and assets as well as those of your parents. You receive this financial support in the form of an interest-free loan and only need to start repaying it about five years after the end of your studies.

In addition to state funding, you also have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship at numerous foundations, associations and companies. It is worth looking for a scholarship that best suits you, your studies and your needs, as the chances of you being awarded a scholarship will be much higher than if you "randomly" apply for the biggest and best known scholarships. Some scholarships are also awarded according to criteria such as social commitment, your background or the goal of your studies or dissertations. You can find much information on the website of Stipendienlotse, or MyStipendium.

Financing your semester abroad

A stay abroad during your studies is an unforgettable experience - unfortunately often also unforgettably expensive. But there are financial aid possibilities. If you stay within the European Union, there is the ERASMUS program. The grants awarded through the ERASMUS program are approximately 300 euro per month and, being grants, do not have to be repaid.

Of course you can also apply for international BAföG. You have to repay this loan just as you have to with domestic BAföG.
You can find additional information about different funding possibilities on the website of the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD—der Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst).

health insuranceHealth insurance for scholarship holders

health insurance for scholarship holdersAs a scholarship holder as well as a student, you always need health insurance in Germany. Even if you spend part of your studies in another country, good health insurance for students and scholarship holders is essential because the public health insurance companies do not always pay the full costs for treatment abroad.

It’s easy to find the right health insurance: just enter a few details about yourself in our plan finder and you'll find the right insurance that fits your specific needs. No matter whether you are studying with or without a scholarship, as a language school participant or Work&Travel traveler, we have the right health insurance coverage for you.

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