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After school Au pair

Adventure Au pair

An au pair stay abroad is a great possibility for the time out between Abi and study. As a rule, au-pair stays are organised by special au-pair agencies. If you are thinking about going abroad for a while as an au-pair, we have put together some first thoughts and information for you here.

Au-pair advantages

fsjAn au pair stay offers you many advantages. First of all you can learn a new language or improve your existing language skills. As an au-pair you will live in a host family and will experience life in your host country with all its facets first hand. You can immerse yourself even deeper in a culture that is not yours! As an au-pair, you are primarily responsible for looking after the children and thus bear a great deal of responsibility. This contributes a large part to your personality development.

Au-pair activities

The activities as an au-pair naturally vary from country to country and from host family to host family. In general, however, as an au-pair you will take care of the children while your host parents are working. This may include preparing breakfast for the children, taking them to school, helping them with their homework or playing with them. Your host parents may also want you to teach your host children a little German. Small household tasks are also part of this. But it is very important that you are not a domestic help as an au-pair!

Au-pair host countries

In 2017 were the most popular destinations for German au pairs:

  • Great Britain,
  • Spain and
  • Australia

In every country, of course, you have a completely different experience. When choosing a country, however, you should always keep in mind the destination of your au pair stay. For example, would you like to learn a completely new language or improve your existing language skills?

Topic visa: As an au-pair in an EU country you don't need a visa. If you would like to spend your time as an au-pair in a non-European country, e.g. Australia or the USA, you should make sure that you inquire about the visa requirements. Your agency can also help you with this!

Difference Au-pair Demi-pair

Did you know that there is a demi-pair next to the au-pair? As a demi-pair you work half day in your host family. In the other half of the time you do a language course at a language school.

Au-pair Health insurance

Health insurance for au-pairsIf you fall ill during your time as an au-pair, it is important and in many countries even obligatory to take out an au-pair health insurance. For au-pair stays in most countries of the world there is a special insurance for au-pairs and demi-pairs: Care Au-Pair. If you want to go as an au-pair to the USA, Canada or Mexico, you have to take out a special insurance. Here we offer you with the Care College USA also a suitable solution.

However, we also offer the appropriate health insurance for any other project after the Abi. Simply enter your details in our rate finder below and we will find the right product for you. We have summarized all information and worth knowing about the au-pair health insurance for you here: Health insurance for au-pairs.

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