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After School FSJ

Abitur FSJ - Voluntary Social Year

Now that you've finished your A-levels, there are many possibilities for what you could do now: study, education, language school or language travel. Maybe you have already thought about a Voluntary Social Year (FSJ). An FSJ has a decisive advantage over the other options:
You do not only do something good for yourself, but also for other people.

Do you want to go abroad after your A-levels? No problem: You can complete an FSJ (Voluntary Social Year) both at home and abroad. We have compiled a first overview of the FSJ (Voluntary Social Year) topic for you here.

Requirements for the FSJ

The framework conditions for the Voluntary Social Year are regulated by law in Germany. You must be at least 16 years old and no longer required to attend school. In addition, you must not have celebrated your 27th birthday. You can only take part in an FSJ with recognised institutions - and that's a lot. You can find a list of the carriers on the pages of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. You will see that there are possibilities in all possible social areas: In caring for the elderly, raising children or working with fugitives and much more.
In addition to the Voluntary Social Year, there is also the Voluntary Ecological Year, which you can complete e.g. in environmental, climate or animal protection.

Differences between Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) and Federal Voluntary Service (BFD)


When a few years ago, together with compulsory military service, civilian service was abolished, the Federal Voluntary Service (BFD) was established instead. It's very similar to the FSJ: You get pocket money from both services, you're looked after pedagogically and you're entitled to seminars. An important difference is that there is no upper age limit at the BFD. In addition, you can do the Bundesfreiwilligendienst several times, one FSJ only once.

A disadvantage of the BFD is that it is limited to Germany and cannot be done abroad.

sdfsfdFSJ abroad

You can also complete the FSJ abroad, but only with recognised institutions based in Germany. In addition to personal development through your social commitment, you will learn new cultures and languages and improve your language skills.

 health insurance in the FSJ health insurance in the FSJ

 health insurance in the FSJ

If you complete your FSJ (Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr) in Germany, you are normally covered by social and health insurance via the carrier. Even if you spend your Voluntary Social Year abroad, you are usually covered by an international health insurance through the institution.

If you do not take part in the FSJ, but volunteer abroad as an independent helper to preserve your freedom, you can choose the international health insurance Care Global.

If you then decide to study later or possibly go on a language trip, you can also simply take out the inexpensive private full insurance for Students Care Student. Alternatively, we also offer you the statutory health insurance. You liked the FSJ abroad so much that you would like to spend more time there and maybe study there? No problem! Also for your studies or a language course abroad we have the right health insurance cover for you: statutory health insurance for students, or change the Care College.

Highschool Year

Baseball, cheerleaders, and endless highways. If that's your dream, do a high school year.

Language course

Speaking of language skills: Have you ever thought about a language course?

Au pair

What better way to get to know other cultures, learn a language and discover the world than living in a host family as an au pair?


Gain work experience and get to know languages and the world at the same time? That sounds good to you? Then why not do a Work'n'Travel?

TOP subject:
Health insurance for the time after school

Probably you have dealt little with the topic of health insurance so far. No problem! We have compiled important information for you, e.g. when you need international health insurance.

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