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Health insurance in Gap Year

You have decided to take a Gap Year and thus take a break from school, university or education. But before you start, there are a few things to consider, such as health insurance coverage. We offer solutions for almost every gap year opportunity. What exactly your needs are depends on a number of factors such as your age, your destination and your plans. We will inform you here about the different options and the appropriate health insurance cover.

Health Insurance Voluntary Social Year (FSJ)Health Insurance Voluntary Social Year (FSJ)

Health Insurance Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) You have decided that you would like to be socially involved in your Gap Year in the form of a Voluntary Social Year. If you do this in Germany, you don't have to worry about the insurance, because you are usually insured by the social insurance institution. If you take part in an FSJ programme abroad of an institution recognised in Germany, the institution will provide you with your health insurance abroad.
If you are socially involved with another institution abroad, you should check whether you are covered by a foreign health insurance. This is highly recommended, because the German statutory health insurances only pay a limited amount for treatment in other European countries and not at all for treatment costs in non-European countries.
If you are not covered by a carrier, we can offer you our Care Global product for assignments of up to one year. You can even take out this insurance if you are already abroad!

Health Insurance Work & TravelHealth Insurance Work & Travel

When travelling and working in distant countries, unfortunately, something can always happen. Therefore, a health insurance for foreign countries is strongly recommended. Which protection is the right one for you depends on three factors:

  • your age,
  • your destination and
  • the duration of the trip

We offer the right foreign health insurance for all possible variants of Work & Travel. Detailed information on health insurance for Work & Travel.

Health insurance Working HolidayHealth insurance Working Holiday

Working Holiday is often used synonymously for Work & Travel or as a generic term for all kinds of traveling and working around.
The same applies here as for Work & Travel: A good travel health insurance should be included in your backpack! We have summarised all the important information on the right health insurance for working holidays here..

Health Insurance Language CourseHealth Insurance Language Course

Health Insurance Language CourseYou want to do something for your language skills in your gap year and learn a new language or improve your existing language skills. You will also need an international health insurance for this, because the German statutory health insurances only pay limited or not at all, depending on the destination of the language trip. In the event of a serious illness or accident, your return transport to Germany will usually not be covered by the statutory health insurance. The choice of the right health insurance also depends on the destination. So you need a different product for the USA than for the rest of the world. All information about
student health insurance.

The right solution for every needThe right solution for every need

So that you find exactly the right product for your needs, simply enter a few details in our rate finder and we will show you the right health insurance for your gap year. And if you have any further questions, feel free to call us!

health insurance Working HolidayHealth insurance for students

If you start your studies after your Gap Year, Care Concept is the right address for you, because we also offer the right health insurance for students. We recommend the inexpensive private full health insurance Care Student. Alternatively, we also offer you the statutory health insurance DAK.

Die Gap Year KrankenversicherungGap Year health insurance

Die Gap Year health insurance

If you spend your Gap Year abroad, a suitable health insurance is extremely important, because the statutory health insurances do not pay or do not pay completely for treatments abroad. In some countries this can quickly become very expensive.

Care Concept AG offers the right health insurance cover for all countries and all forms of a gap year, which is both flexible and affordable. In our tariff finder below you will quickly find the right insurance for you from EUR 21.00
Even if you start studying later, we can help you with a good statutory health insurance for students.

Highschool Year

Baseball, cheerleaders, and endless highways. If that's your dream, do a high school year.

Au pair

What better way to get to know other cultures, learn a language and discover the world than living in a host family as an au pair?


Gain work experience and get to know languages and the world at the same time? That sounds good to you? Then why not do a Work'n'Travel?

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