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Adventure High School Year

Highschool health insuranceHigh school health insuranceYellow school buses, long aisles full of looseners, cheerleaders and football players - that's probably how we all imagine an American high school. With a High School Year during your school days, you can experience exactly that and much more live!

A year at a high school in the USA offers you the unique opportunity to improve your English and experience everyday life in the land of unlimited possibilities.

High School Year - what is it exactly?

During a High School Year you spend a whole or half school year at a High School in the USA. You go to school there normally and usually live with an American host family. This not only teaches you the language, but also gives you a deep insight into the life and everyday life of Americans.

There are a number of specialized agencies that take care of the organization of the High School Year. They choose the school and the host family and take care of the flights.

High School Year - what to consider?

High School Year

As a rule, students between the ages of 15 and 18 can complete a High School Year in the USA. It is important that you choose an agency early on to take care of the organization. You or your parents also have to clarify with the school in Germany whether you are allowed to do a High School Year and if necessary have to repeat the school year in Germany.

Since a High School Year is not quite cheap, you must of course talk to your parents about whether they can and want to finance your stay in the USA. You also need a visa in any case, either the J1 or the F1 visa. Your agency will certainly help you with the application. Nevertheless, you always have to go to a US consulate in Munich or Frankfurt or to the embassy in Berlin in order to get a visa. More information about applying for a visa for the USA.

Some agencies also require proof that your English is so good that you can cope in the USA. This could be a test or a certain grade in English. More about language tests and more about language courses.

High School Year - what will you experience?

Everyday school life in America is very different from that in Germany. There are only a small number of compulsory subjects such as English or Maths. But you have the choice between many electives, which are not available in German schools.

The school year in the USA runs approximately from August to June and is divided into two so-called terms. In between there are two months of summer holidays.

The probability is high that you will be accommodated in a rural area and not in metropolises like New York or Los Angeles. Here you will get to know the real America with your host family, maybe go to football with them and celebrate festivals like Thanksgiving or Halloween.

High School Year – health insurance

High school health insurance

Your parents must in any case take out health insurance for your high school year, because your parents' health insurance most likely pays little or nothing for treatment in the USA.

Since visits to the doctor and hospital stays in the USA are much more expensive than in Germany, a good foreign health insurance is essential. We have developed a special product for stays in the USA, which is also recognized by all American authorities and institutions, the Care College USA. Even if you later do a GAP-Year or study, the Care Concept has the right solutions for you.

Language course

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