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Care College - International Health Insurance for Educational Trips

Erwerbstätigkeit und VersicherungspflichtIf you come to Germany as a foreigner for educational purposes or go abroad as a German, solltest du dir vorher Gedanken über die Krankenversicherung machen. You should first think about health insurance. We would like to introduce you to our Care College product, which reliably protects you from high treatment costs during educational stays abroad.

As a foreigner in GermanyAs a foreigner in Germany

If you come to Germany as a language student, Studienkolleg, intern, doctorates, für for work & travel or working holiday you need health insurance.

If you are not from the EU, it is even mandatory for obtaining a visa. Care College is the right protection for everyone up to 35 years of age - and that from 24.50 euros a month.

ATTENTION: If you are a matriculated student in Germany, an international health insurance is not sufficient and is usually not recognised by the foreigners authority and/or the university. As a foreign enrolled student you must either take out a private full health insurance or a statutory health insurance.

As a German AbroadAs a German Abroad

As a German AbroadIf you go abroad as a German to study, for a semester abroad, an internship, Work & Travel or Working Holiday, you also need health insurance. Within the EU, the German statutory health insurance funds only reimburse costs up to the amount that would have been incurred in Germany. Outside the EU, they usually do not pay at all.

Here Care College is the right choice for everyone up to 35 years and from 24.50 euros a month.
Only for stays in the USA, Canada or Mexico you need a special product such as Care College USA.

What does the insurance cover?What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers treatment costs for acute illnesses at all licensed doctors, dentists and hospitals worldwide at the local rate. In addition, it covers the costs of a medically reasonable return transport to the home country in the event of serious illness or accidents.

You are insured abroad with the following means, among others:

  • Outpatient treatment by a doctor
  • inpatient treatment in hospital
  • medically necessary rehabilitation measures
  • Cost absorption for drugs and remedies
  • accident-related aids
  • painkilling treatment by the dentist
  • Insurance cover in the home country

Who can take out insurance?Who can take out insurance?

Who can take out insurance?If you are between 12 and 35 years old and living abroad for educational purposes, you can take out insurance at Care College. The minimum contract duration is one month, the maximum contract duration 5 years.

What does the insurance cost?What does the insurance cost?

The insurance is available in three different tariff levels with different benefits. The cheapest option, "Care College Basic", starts at 24.50 euros per month.


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