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The right health insurance for foreign students in Germany

Surely you have prepared your studies in Germany well and informed yourself about the country, people and rules. An important topic is health insurance, because every foreign student in Germany needs it. Here we answer the most important questions about student insurance in Germany.

Studenten Zukunft BerufDo I really need health insurance?

The answer is clearly yes. Every student enrolled in Germany needs health insurance – German and international students. If you want to enrol at a German university, you have to show proof of your health insurance. You cannot enrol without this proof!

gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für StudentenWhat kind of insurance do I have to take out?

As a registered student you have the choice between statutory and private health insurance. If you opt for private health insurance, you must let yourself be exempted from the statutory health insurance and show the exemption together with the confirmation of insurance at the time of enrollment. With our private health insurance for students "Care Student" we take over the organization of the exemption for you


With the private and statutory health insurance, you automatically also receive a compulsory nursing care insurance, which is also mandatory for students in Germany. We have compiled the differences between private and statutory health insurance for you in a comparison.

ATTENTION: The usually much cheaper and limited to five years foreign health insurances are not suitable for studying in Germany. It is possible that the foreigners authority may not recognise them for the purpose of granting a residence permit or the university may not recognise them for the purpose of enrollment. It can also happen after five years that you do not have any health insurance at all.

featuresWhat does a student insurance provide?

The private and statutory student insurance pays for medical expenses in the event of illness or accident. Private health insurance often provides better services and you are treated as a private patient. This means that you may be able to get doctor's appointments more quickly, have to wait less time in the waiting room and have access to so-called private doctors who only treat privately insured people.

Private health insurance often has deductibles for this. So you pay a certain amount per year yourself. We have compiled the differences between private and statutory health insurance in a detailed comparison.

Costs of an insurance converage in germanyWhat does a student insurance cost?

You can't say that in such a general way, because the providers of private health insurance can freely determine their contributions. The statutory health insurances also differ in so-called additional contributions. In general, private health insurance for students is usually cheaper than statutory health insurance. Especially students over 30 years can easily save 50 Euro and more per month.

language courses Studienkolleg germanyDo I also need insurance for language courses and Studienkolleg?

Yes, you also need health insurance for the language course and the Studienkolleg. The considerably cheaper temporary health insurance for abroad is also permitted here. With our our Care College product , for example, we offer health insurance that starts at 28 euros a month and has been specially developed to meet the needs of language students and students of preparatory courses in Germany.

Other insurancesDo I still need other insurances?

A liability insurance is recommended in any case. It covers you if you cause damage to someone else or their property. This can be the case, for example, if you accidentally sit on a friend's glasses or drive to someone by bicycle.

Since large sums can quickly accumulate here, you should take out liability insurance. Here we have developed our product Care Protector, which also includes accident insurance. This will cover the costs of permanent damage after an accident. If you want to buy your own car in Germany, you must also take out car insurance for the car.

gesetzliche Krankenversicherung für StudentenHow do I find the right health insurance?

We make it easy for you: Simply enter your home country, your age and the reason and duration of your stay in Germany in our tariff finder. We will suggest suitable insurance policies for you, which you can then inform yourself about in detail online.

Would you like personal advice? No problem! Our colleagues will be happy to help you by phone at +49 228 97735-44 or by e-mail at .

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