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After school

Gap Year - Take a break!

The Abi in your pocket, three years Bachelor, two years Master and then off to work - that's often the ideal idea that parents in particular have of training. If this is not your thing and you would like to take some time for yourself, you should think about a Gap Year. Literally this means "gap year" and means a break between two phases of life.
Possible times for a gap year are:

Reasons for Gap-YearReasons for Gap-Year

Care Student Reasons for Gap-YearThere are many individual reasons for a Gap Year, all of which are related to the time of the break. Maybe you have just finished your Abi, but you don't know yet what to do next:

  • What would you like to study?
  • Do you even want to study or
  • maybe do an apprenticeship after all?

In a Gap Year you have the necessary time to deal with your future.
Or you want to study a subject with a Numerus Clausus (NC) and still have to wait.
Even after graduation or between Bachelor and Master, a Gap Year is a great opportunity to become clear about the future. Maybe you just don't feel like rushing through your education and want to use the time to see the world. Because once you are on the job, you have considerably less time than during your training.

How you can spend your Gap YearHow you can spend your Gap Year

Gap Year

Doing nothing is the worst possible way to spend the gap year. There are some great ways not only to have fun, but to develop yourself and your personality.

  • Work & Travel: Travel around with your backpack and refill your travel budget with smaller jobs in between. This is Work & Travel. The most popular country is still Australia, but New Zealand, Canada or the USA are also suitable for Work & Travel. Such a tour is not only fun, it is also incredibly helpful for your personality development, independence and of course your English skills, which you can also improve with a language course.
  • Working Holiday: Surely you are wondering what the difference is between Work & Travel and Working Holiday? And rightly so! Working Holiday is a generic term that describes all kinds of holidays associated with work. It has established itself because the required visa for Australia and New Zealand is called "Working Holiday Visa". However, both terms are often used synonymously. More information about Visas in Australia und Visas in New Zealand
  • Volunteering: If you want to do something not only for yourself but also for others in your gap year, volunteering is a good option. Frequent forms are a voluntary social year, a voluntary ecological year or the Federal Voluntary Service. There are many institutions that employ volunteers and are grateful for every helping hand. You can spend all kinds of volunteer work both in Germany and abroad.
  • Au pair: Working as an au-pair is very popular - especially after graduation. Here you live abroad with a host family for free. In return, you look after the children for pocket money and take care of the household. As an au-pair you will not only learn a foreign language, but also immerse yourself in the culture of your host country, as you will experience everyday family life first hand.
  • Internship abroad: It doesn't matter whether you've finished your A-levels directly, during or after your studies: An internship abroad kills many birds with one stone: You gain valuable professional and cultural experience, you improve your knowledge of foreign languages and you improve your CV.

The Gap Year Health InsuranceThe Gap Year Health Insurance

The Gap Year Health Insurance

If you spend your Gap Year abroad, a suitable health insurance is extremely important, because the statutory health insurances do not pay or do not pay completely for treatments abroad. In some countries this can quickly become very expensive.

Care Concept AG offers the right health insurance cover for all countries and all forms of a gap year, which is both flexible and affordable. In our tariff finder below you will quickly find the right insurance for you from 0.80 EUR.... more information on health insurance in GAP-Year.

Even if you start your studies later, we offer you a cheap private full health insurance for students or a good statutory health insurance.

Highschool Year

Baseball, cheerleaders, and endless highways. If that's your dream, do a high school year.

Au pair

What better way to get to know other cultures, learn a language and discover the world than living in a host family as an au pair?


Gain work experience and get to know languages and the world at the same time? That sounds good to you? Then why not do a Work'n'Travel?

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Health insurance for the time after school

Probably you have dealt little with the topic of health insurance so far. No problem! We have compiled important information for you, e.g. when you need international health insurance.

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