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Language travel - Get to know languages, people and culture

Why take a language course?

Languages, people and culture

Everyone experiences it, or has experienced it: learning languages at school or at home is dull and arduous. Learning vocabulary and grammar, and using them in a meaningful context instead of reading uninteresting texts in the classroom, makes the whole thing much easier.

That's what a language trip is all about: You learn regularly in a language course in a language school in your target country words, phrases and expressions that are adapted to the everyday life of the locals, which you can then use daily in a relaxed atmosphere in interesting situations with locals. You will learn faster and easier and gradually learn the language of the native speakers.

Not only will you quickly notice your progress and the benefits of learning a new language, but you will also learn about new cultures and different ways of looking at life and the world.

The right destination for your language trip

The right destination for your language trip

The most popular destinations for English, Spanish and French as a foreign language are, you can imagine:

  • England
  • Spain
  • France

But the most important thing when choosing a destination is that you are particularly interested in the culture. Many rather unusual countries are very suitable for a language course:

  • English Courses
    1. Costa Mesa (USA)
    2. Malta
    3. Dublin
    4. Santa Monica (USA)
    5. New Zealand
    6. Fiji
    7. Australia
  • French Courses
    1. Canada (Quebec)
    2. Gouadaloupe (Caribbean)
    3. Martinique (Caribbean)
    4. Switzerland
    5. Morocco
  • Italian Courses
    1. Italy
    2. South Tyrol (Switzerland)
    3. San Marino
  • Spanish Courses
    1. Costa Rica
    2. Cuba
    3. Mexico
    4. Chile
    5. Ecuador
    6. Argentinia

For whom are language courses suitable??

For whom are language courses suitable? For whom are language courses suitableTo participate in a language course, you don't have to speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, maybe even Chinese, or whatever language is spoken in the country of your language travel destination. You don't even need to be able to speak them well, after all, an experience abroad with native speakers should help you learn.

It's amazing how quickly you can have interesting conversations with locals using just a few basic words and phrases.
It is much more important to have curiosity and a good portion of self-irony and humour.

That's why it doesn't matter whether you're a high school graduate, a student or a doctoral student, or are about to spend a semester abroad; there are suitable trips for every target group.

In mostly small groups of about 15 students, who have similar language skills together and come from different parts of the world, you will get to know each other's language, culture and also each other.

What to expect during a language trip:

What awaits youNo worries - A language trip has nothing to do with lessons: tour operators and language schools have come up with all sorts of ideas to turn your trip into an experience, after all, they want you to end up going home satisfied. So your learning units will be knitted so that you can apply them directly in a suitable situation: In the morning you may learn something about directions and in the afternoon you will make a trip or a rally together, where you will make your own way through the unknown country.

After a 2-week trip you'll be relaxed and have seen and learned all kinds of new things.

Accommodation is usually in a host family, but there are also shared flats, hostels or campus accommodation where you can talk to your peers or other language students.

An organized language trip usually lasts 1-2 weeks. This is perfect for your semester break or after graduation.

Which language trip is right for you?

Which language trip is right for you? Each one learns and experiences differently, so there are different trips for every taste:
If you are adventurous and enjoy exploring on your own and at your own pace, you can register yourself at a language school abroad and organise your leisure time yourself.
It's up to you whether you want to explore the country further after your language course or find a job spontaneously. However, if you prefer to learn in a relaxed and guided way, you should take a package tour with a language travel agency. Depending on your destination, the price per week varies between 300 and 600 euros.

Language Travel Health Insurance

When you go on a language trip, you should definitely think about the right insurance. In most cases, the statutory health insurance will not even help in emergencies abroad. Of course, nothing should stand in the way of the freedom of your journey.

That's why we have the Care College student health insurance, which you can quickly apply for online and which you can extend and cancel at your whim, but which is still cheap.

For a short language trip, we offer you Care Holiday, a cheap annual policy from 10.90 euros. They include any number of trips per year. But attention: It is only valid for trips up to a maximum of eight weeks!

To find the right health insurance for you, simply enter a few details in our tariff finder and you can take out the health insurance that suits you directly online. We will also be happy to advise you in advance by telephone on +49 228 97735-44.


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