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Sprachkurs in Deutschland

Language trips - Get to know cultures, languages and people

Why take a language course?

Sprachen, Menschen und Kultur

Everyone knows learning languages at school or at home is boring and tedious. Learning vocabulary and grammar without using it in a meaningful context does not motivate anyone. If you can learn in Germany and apply what you have learned directly, it makes the whole thing much easier and much more interesting. This applies to German as it does to any other foreign language.

That's exactly what a language trip is all about: in a language course in Germany you learn suitable words, sentences and expressions adapted to everyday German life, which you can then use daily in interesting situations with locals. You learn much faster and easier and gradually learn the language of the native speakers.

You quickly notice your progress and the benefits of learning a new language. During your course you will learn much more about the German culture than you could through books, and you will be able to directly exchange views on life and the world.

richtiges Ziel für die Sprachreise

Finding the right language school

There are language schools in most of the larger German cities and metropolises. You have the choice between many different private language schools, which usually find accommodation for you in a host family but sometimes also on campus or in shared flats.

You also have the opportunity to learn German at the official German cultural institute, the Goethe-Institut. More information can be found here.

Many German universities also offer university summer courses in which you can learn German, either general or subject-specific for future studies (medical German, business German, technical German). Here, too, there is often the opportunity to take part in an additional leisure program.

Language Travel Health Insurance

When you go on a language trip, you should definitely think about the right insurance. The insurance coverage from your home country often does not cover the treatment of all emergencies in Germany. Deshalb gibt es von uns die Care College Sprachschüler Krankenversicherung, die du schnell online beantragen kannst und die du nach Laune verlängern und stornieren kannst und die trotzdem günstig ist.

What to expect during a language trip:

Was dich erwartet To take part in a language trip, you don't have to have a great command of German. You don't even have to speak German well. An experience abroad with native speakers should, after all, help you learn the German language.

learn the German language. It's amazing how quickly you can have interesting conversations with locals using just a few basic words and phrases. It is much more important to have curiosity and a good portion of self-irony and humor. All course participants share a similar language proficiency and come from different parts of the world. You will get to know each other through your various languages and cultures in small groups of about 15 participants. That's why it doesn't matter whether you are a high school graduate, an undergraduate student or a doctoral student, or are about to spend a semester abroad; there are trips for every target group.

Welche Sprachreise ist die richtigeWhich language trip is the right one for you?

Everyone learns and experiences differently, but there is something for everyone. If you would rather learn in a relaxed and guided way, you should consider a package tour from a language travel agency.

And for those who are adventurous and like to discover things on their own at their own spped, you can contact a language school directly and organize your own free time however you wish. It is then up to you if you continue to explore the country after your language course or perhaps even start a course of study.

Language trips cost between 300 and 800 euro per week, depending on the goal and intentions of the trip. studying.

Depending on your destination, language trips cost 300 to 800 euros per week.

Work & Holiday

You want to experience a little adventure and don't know yet how to continue after your A-levels? Then take advantage of the countless working holiday opportunities in Germany

Students in Germany

If you already know exactly where your future career should take you, you can jump straight into your studies in Germany.

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