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After school language course

Language course - Learning languages abroad

language course after schoolThe fact that foreign language skills are important key professional qualifications is no longer a secret.

However, you learn a language really well not at school or university, but abroad. Because here you are not only surrounded by native speakers, but also get to know the culture behind the language live.

We have put together a few initial ideas for organising your language travel for you here:

Which language do you want to learn?Which language do you want to learn?

Of course, the undisputed number 1 is English. 80 percent of all language trips are booked to learn English. The other places are Spanish and French. Since Spanish is spoken by more people worldwide than English, more and more Germans are going abroad to learn Spanish. Or have you ever thought of a language like Chinese? Although there are still few offers here, knowledge of Chinese is a huge advantage for your professional future.

In which country do you do your language course after your Abitur?In which country do you do your language course after your Abitur?

In which country do you do your language course after your Abitur?

Three guesses where most language courses go. Right, to Great Britain. Other English-speaking countries such as Ireland or the USA are also very popular. If you want a little less mainstream, you could also go to South Africa, Malta or Hong Kong to learn English.

There are also more possibilities for French or Spanish than you think: What do you think of a language course in Canada, the French overseas territories in the Caribbean, Argentina or Mexico? More information about language travel and language courses.

What is the goal of your language course?What is the goal of your language course?

If you have just finished your A-levels, you will want to learn a language better in general.
Maybe you would like to prepare yourself for a study abroad or a semester abroad. Then you should be aware that often a certain language level according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages or a language examination (e.g. TOEFL for English or DELF for French, DELE for Spanish) must be proven. More information about language tests.

If you are already studying, there is also a wide range of language courses abroad with subject-specific content, for example for doctors.

Health insurance for the language courseHealth insurance for the language course

Health insurance for the language course

For the language course, it is best to take out a foreign health insurance. We have developed a special health insurance plan, the Care College, so that you are well covered when you are abroad. The tariff is cheap and flexible, and Care Concept also has other tariffs up its sleeve.

If you would like to start studying after your language course, we offer you the inexpensive and powerful private full health insurance Care Student or a statutory health insurance for students.

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