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Care Concept Welcome to Germany Scholarship: Elaheh's 9th report: “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations in Berlin

Scholarship Welcome to Germany Black Lives Matter Demos“Black Lives Matter” demonstrations in Berlin

Elaheh Back Lives Matter DemonstrationsThe highlight of the past month (June) for me was the “Black Lives matter” demonstration, which was held despite the current Corona situation. Young and old people get together in Berlin to show their sympathy and unity with George Floyd demonstrations all over the world. People with different nationalities and political views gathered to demonstrate against the violation of basic human rights through their collective action. This incident made me to think about those people and children, who were killed in other parts of the world like in my country, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq… Why they have not been taken seriously? Maybe the world got used to this fact!

Scholarship Welcome to Germany Corona Berlin Summer activitiesBerlin summer activities

Elaheh Back Lives Matter DemonstrationsApart from working and studying, I try to plan relaxing weekends. Sitting in the park and having a picnic with friends, playing games, renting boats to ride on Spree river, going to different lakes to swim are uncomplicated and cheap summer activities in Berlin. Summer in Berlin is much better than the winter. Well, I think everywhere is like that :)

Scholarship Welcome to Germany Elaheh Two-day hospital stayTwo-day hospital stay

In addition, post-Corona situation has affected me as a chronically neurological ill person and I spent 2 days and one night in a hospital. Although I have not spent a cent thanks to my health insurance coverage, but the service was very unsatisfying and careless. I hope nobody will end up in hospital ever, especially not in Berlin.

At the same time, I booked myself an appointment with a Persian speaking therapist, which is one of the main enjoyable things here in Berlin: the city’s international spirit.

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